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How We Sell Every Day

We all are salespeople and constantly sell throughout each day. Do you sell cars? You're a salesperson. Do you build websites? Salesperson. Do you clean the floors? Salesperson. You see, regardless of what you do for a profession and regardless […]

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An Interview with Kate Bagoy, Business Coach

Kate Bagoy's Bio Since 2008, I've helped entrepreneurs build companies as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist & advisor. Having worked with more than 50 startups, two things stand out as key factors in entrepreneurial success: mindset & strategy. Lasting […]

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Communicating Your Product Or Service

Having a great product or providing an indispensable service is important when it comes to communicating your product or service. History is littered with failed products and services that were amazing, however. What’s the missing piece in this equation? Communication. […]

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Subscription eCommerce for Coffee Retailers

This article & podcast, Subscription eCommerce for Coffee Roasters, is a highly focused discussion on why coffee retailers need subscription eCommerce. The overall theme and information contained below are applicable to many businesses, however. I launched my marketing career through […]

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The Importance of a Style Guide

Keeping a consistent look for your brand is a very important piece in building brand loyalty and recognition. For those of us that work in marketing, this is an obvious statement that drives a hundred percent of our style and […]

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Picking The Right Domain Name

Picking the right domain name for your company is a process. Many companies make a domain name selection as an afterthought, not realizing how important it is to pick the right domain until it's far too late. In this article, […]

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Thoughts on Hiring, Contracting and Outsourcing

Business growth comes along with growing pains. For my marketing company, the growing pains became unmanageable. In this article I'll discuss how my business arrived at the point of hiring a contractor and the indicators that may mean it's time for your small business to hire, contract out or outsource.

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Creating A Website That Converts

Creating a website that converts isn’t rocket-science. All you need is to know what your company does and what your potential clients are looking for. Sure, you can always test new approaches but those are for refining purposes. In this episode, I distill 4 key categories to pay attention to when setting up your website for conversion.

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