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Wapiti's herd is global but we're in the greater Cedar Falls area!
eCommerce Websites - Cedar Falls, Iowa

eCommerce Development, Design, and Web Services for Northeast Iowa

Wapiti serves businesses in the United States and represents those businesses globally. Our home base is in Waverly, Iowa. Our home turf isn't just Waverly, however.  We also serve Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Janesville, Shell Rock, Clarksville, Denver, Evansdale, Nashua, Sumner, and more.

When we first relocated from Stanwood, Washington (north of Seattle), we set up our first office in Cedar Falls at Mill Race Co-working (now Gravitate). Our introduction to Iowa was overlooking the beautiful Cedar River in downtown Cedar Falls. While we've moved down the road to Waverly, we continue to consider Cedar Falls part of our home base. If you have a Cedar Falls business, reach out. We would love to chat.

Wapiti Iowa - United States of America


Wapiti is based in Iowa but our team is 100% distributed with members in Arizona, Washington, California, Montana, and Wisconsin. We have the expertise to handle marketing and web design regardless of where you're located here in the United States of America.

Wapiti Iowa - United States of America


While Wapiti focuses on building our clientele here in the USA, our clients serve a global audience, and we support them all the way. We've helped business clients find large-scale growth and nonprofits with outreach in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Haiti, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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