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More services than a wapiti's antler has points to ensure your success online!

Wapiti's Services

eCommerce On Autopilot

Don't just build an eCommerce website. Let us help you build a site that continues to help you sell to your clients over and over. With a specialty in subscription eCommerce and an intense focus on monthly recurring revenue (MRR), Wapiti is your expert eCommerce team.
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Already have a gorgeous eCommerce enabled website? Hire us to consult with your team to find ways to push your eCommerce and monthly recurring revenue even further.

Website Development & Design

We use effective design techniques to help you convert visitors and grow your paying customer base. We use proven techniques to make your site not only look good, but look and function the way it should for your industry. Each and every site we design has a Call-to-Action baked in to ensure you're targeting the conversions you need to help your business succeed.
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We work with various technologies, but from time-to-time, we have clients that want to work on a specific platform that we aren't versed in. No issues! Hire us to help guide your current web team in building that perfect, conversion-optimized website.

Full Service Branding

Branding your business requires a lot of thought and understanding of both your business and your target customers. It also requires a team of professionals that can handle all of the details such as:

  • Help with choosing a name/tagline
  • Logo design
  • Brand & marketing guidelines
  • Website development and services
  • Print collateral design

Our team has the full capability to deliver what you need to brand (or rebrand) your business from the ground up.

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Search Ranking Optimization

There are many ways to improve your search ranking online. When we build your site, we provide the basic optimizations necessary for increasing your ranking in search. These basics are important but there are many advanced optimizations you can have us do for you if you're looking to really push your place in Google, Bing, Social Media and other online venues. We have the team and expertise to make it happen!
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Hire us to consult with your team on the best Search Ranking principles to ensure your site is found when people search for your products or services. This is a great option for businesses that are on a tight budget and have extra hours to put towards doing the work in-house.

Search Advertising

Target your existing and potential customers online with advertising that matters to them and helps you gain new sales. We specialize in Google and Bing search advertising and can help you find new growth verticals.
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We're not social media people. Social media can provide amazing growth potential for the right businesses. Don't worry though. We have great connections that specialize in social media marketing and can work alongside those teams as part of the overall project. We also will consult with you to ensure they are doing the job well.

Digital Consulting

We've been working in digital marketing for over 22 years. Staying up on the latest trends is good but actually putting those into practice on a day to day basis is where we shine. With our consulting services, we can help your business thrive online and help you find the right solutions to succeed. Set up a Free 15min. Discovery Chat with us to see if we are a fit. Hit the button below.
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Other Services

We've built out our offerings to ensure all of our clients get the exact services and tools they need to succeed. Below are a few of our supporting services available to all Wapiti clients.
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Elite Hosting

Speedy websites convert better and we take that knowledge very seriously. We offer a lot more than hosting, however. Our elite hosting comes with ongoing security monitoring, hourly backups, off site server backups, speed & image optimization and more.
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over the top support

Over The Top Support

With an "over the top support" plan, Wapiti provides ongoing web support, maintenance and content alterations. Contact us anytime and we'll quickly turn around that web change or addition that you desire.
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google workspace partner

Google Workspace

Control your business using Google's powerful tools as your backbone. Get the power and usability of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more branded for your business. We'll stick around to help you manage the account and grow it as your business grows.
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ecommerce product management

Product Management

Put your eCommerce management in capable hands. Send us your images, prices, and descriptions and let our team list your products on your site. We'll handle cross-sells, up-sells, and each detail to help your customers find what they need.
online listing management

Online Listing Management

We'll help you gain control over all of your online listings and manage them for you. Ensure your customers always find accurate information on Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook and more. Oh, and it's great for your Search Engine Ranking too!
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Logo Design or Refresh

Let us help you with one of the biggest building blocks of your brand. Trust our creative time to design something that reflects your business to your customers.
elite wordpress hosting

Business Development Consulting

If you're looking to take your business to the next level or just get your new business idea started, our business development consultant can help speed up the process.
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Online Marketplace Sales

Our team can take your existing eCommerce and increase it exponentially through online marketplace sales. If your product qualifies, we'll get it listed on Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and more!
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Business Applications

No, we don't do tech support. We do, however, have extensive knowledge of systems necessary for your business to run well and at a minimal cost. Let our team help your business operate smoothly.
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