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Sell More Online Podcast by Dan Ericson, Found of Wapiti Digital

Why Podcasting is Important for Your Business

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges of creating content while juggling various responsibilities. It can be exhausting to find the time and energy to be creative and come up with content that reflects your business and helps it grow. However, I have found that podcasting can be an extremely valuable tool for business owners. When I first […]
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Episode 51 Podcast Art

An Interview with Brandon Ericson - Owner of Camano Commons Marketplace

Camano Voice Podcast Brandon Ericson is the owner of Camano Commons Marketplace. He is also frequently heard through his podcast, the Camano Voice Podcast. We encourage you to listen to his podcast if you're interested in knowing more about the Stanwood and Camano Island areas here in Washington State. Brandon even interviewed Dan for his third episode! Interview Transcript Dan: […]
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Podcast 45

An Interview with Kate Bagoy, Business Coach

Kate Bagoy's Bio Since 2008, I've helped entrepreneurs build companies as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist & advisor. Having worked with more than 50 startups, two things stand out as key factors in entrepreneurial success: mindset & strategy. Lasting businesses are helmed by tenacious founders who learned to master their mindset, set clear goals & ruthlessly prioritize the 20% […]
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Communicating Your Product Or Service

Having a great product or providing an indispensable service is important when it comes to communicating your product or service. History is littered with failed products and services that were amazing, however. What’s the missing piece in this equation? Communication. Communicating your brand to your potential clients; communicating your strategy with your employees; being honest and communicating with yourself: these […]
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Becoming An Authority In Your Local Area

Becoming an authority in your local area has many benefits. Of course, it can generate money and success, but it can also result in connections, those of which can become a solid base to build your business upon. Being a local authority promotes goodwill.
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Create New Content Easily and Keep It Flowing

Chances are, if you have a business or you are a marketing professional that works in content creation and delivery, the time and ability to create new content easily is one of the struggles that you will have on an almost daily basis. Content is important in helping your business look alive and functional across the internet to potential clients. […]
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2018 Review - Our Master Marketing Experiment

I'm writing this article to discuss Wapiti. I want to show you just how far we've come in the past year as well as discuss some of my failures as the owner of the business and the steps I took to rectify many of them. Specifically, I want the reader of this article to learn from my mistakes because past […]
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Knowing When To Quit

Growing up, my family strongly frowned upon quitting just about anything. It was a concession that you were no good at what you were doing and that you were unwilling to push through a barrier to succeed. I would like to posit a different view. While there are times that quitting is indeed giving up on something that you could […]
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Make Money Podcasting in 2019

If you own a business, a podcast could be a huge lead generation funnel for your business. If you sell a product or service that has any kind of story behind it, you can use a podcast to establish yourself as an industry expert and help potential clients choose you when the time comes. This podcast should help you get […]
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You Need A Digital Marketing Agency On Retainer

A New Set Of Experienced Eyes Is All That Stands Between Success And Failure Hiring outside help to grow can be a tough pill to swallow. That very hesitancy, however, could be completely killing your growth potential. Here are a few reasons why a business that is successful needs a digital marketing agency for growth: 1. Let Experts Focus On Growing […]
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