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Looking to grow their subscription eCommerce business, Fidalgo Coffee approached Wapiti due to our proven track record in the coffee industry. Through the COVID pandemic, Fidalgo's subscription business grew with very little effort and they recognized the need to focus more on improving and solidifying that growth. Furthermore, Fidalgo Coffee needed help unifying its various marketing efforts to ensure a cohesive marketing strategy.

For this project, Wapiti was brought on for three separate roles that all worked together to help Fidalgo find new growth. First, Wapiti was brought in because of our expertise in the coffee industry - specifically, as it pertained to recurring revenue models. Second, Wapiti was hired to take care of Fidalgo Coffee's digital marketing needs and ensure the website was running well and set up for conversion. Last, Fidalgo asked us to take on more of a management role in order to oversee their existing marketing efforts and push those forward.

While still in the project's beginning stages, we're currently working towards specific growth and marketing metrics and are finding much better growth and success than expected at this stage in the process.

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Monthly Recurring Revenue eCommerce Management

Click on any image below to view it larger. The images showcase Fidalgo Coffee's homepage, online menu, and ordering system. There are also a couple of images showing Fidalgo's "cause" coffees. The site was built in Shopify and Wapiti has been responsible for cleaning up the site and creating clear funnels for conversion.

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