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Shadowpoint Media approached Wapiti with a clear vision to create a captivating website that showcased its exceptional real estate photography and videography services. Recognizing Wapiti's web development and design expertise, Shadowpoint Media saw an opportunity to collaborate and leverage Wapiti's skills to bring its vision to life. Understanding the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly website in the real estate industry, Shadowpoint Media knew that we could deliver a website that reflected its brand identity and effectively presented its portfolio of stunning visuals.

With a thorough understanding of Shadowpoint Media's requirements and objectives, Wapiti embraced the challenge of creating a website that would serve as a visual gateway to its real estate photography and videography services. Wapiti carefully analyzed Shadowpoint Media's existing branding and explored their portfolio to gain a deep understanding of their unique style and approach. Through close collaboration with Shadowpoint Media, we developed a comprehensive plan to highlight their work, emphasizing the quality and artistry of their real estate visuals through the website's design, layout, and functionality. By integrating striking visuals, intuitive navigation, and seamless user experience, the resulting website became a powerful tool for Shadowpoint Media to showcase its expertise and attract potential clients in the real estate industry.


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Wapiti took our website (self created) from zero to hero. No joke. We built our own site on one of the drag and drop platforms, and it 'worked' for the time being, but I didn't realize how much better it could perform, having a pro do it. We're getting more traffic and more compliments on it that I expected. Like, weekly, "Hey, I LOVE your website!", or people actually finding us online now without being pushed directly there. I HIGHLY recommend the team at Wapiti if you are serious about your website. As you should be. It's the HUB of all marketing online. Let Wapiti make it the hub it SHOULD be!
Logan Harding
Shadowpoint Media

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