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Put our team in your corner to ensure your online success!

Elite Hosting & Over The Top Support


More than great hosting and support services

Let's face it. As a business person, you probably don't care about the details of your hosting arrangement. You just want to ensure your website works flawlessly for all incoming clients and, ultimately, helps your business make money. You also want to know that you have someone on call when you need them - for whatever reason.

Did you know? Quality hosting can help you make more money. This is why we are fanatical about our website hosting platform and have invested nearly tens of thousands of dollars to find the perfect platform for our business and nonprofit clients.

Elite Hosting & Over the Top Support

Hosting that is catered to business owners and their needs. Let us handle the tech specs for you. Your job is to focus on your business growth. Our plans put us in your court and ensure your website is set up for success!

Elite Hosting & Basic Support

optimized in every way to give your website every advantage

speed & searchability

Lots of server resources *
Ongoing image optimization
Premium speed plugins
Weekly database optimization


6G web application firewall
Weekly plugin updates
Continual security monitoring


Fast response email support
Hourly backups
Daily server backups
Off site backups
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Elite Hosting & Premium Support

Our Elite Hosting with a full support team that can take care of just about any standard request including...
Changing images
Updating prices
Changing wording
Creating a page
Adding a video
Changing staff photos & descriptions
also, with access to your current platforms, we can also provide...
Reporting on website traffic
The status of your search advertising
Google Workspace user management
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Over The Top Support

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customized plans starting at $199/mo.
Our Over The Top Support includes everything from our Elite Hosting and support plans but is tailored and customized more to your specific needs. Some additional services you can expect are...
Advanced support
eCommerce management
Marketing consulting
Business development consulting
Chat with us and we can build a package that helps you succeed.
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* Not all sites have the same requirements. While we built this plan with 90% of our clients in mind, some sites need more power or resources. If your site is one of these, we'll reach out to you directly to discuss your options.

And More...

From Google Workspace, to premium integrations of all types, we can be your web team, your hosting team, your support team, your growth team, and more. Just reach out and we can chat about your specific needs.