For any business owner, marketing professional, administrator, or employee it's imperative to your mental health and general well-being that you know your "Why" - the reason you are doing what you are doing. For many, money is the primary focus and we'd all be lying if we didn't admit that it plays are part in what we do. The problem is the incredible amount of emptiness you will feel if money is your entire driving force.

My "Why".

I was constantly being approached by business people in my local community and in my former hometown in Arizona. The one constant theme I encountered was a general lack of understanding of internet marketing (something I was still a novice at, at the time). Sure, some of these people were asking for tasks like building websites, helping them with business systems, or setting up their email platforms so they could communicate with their clients.

Really though, these friends and acquaintances needed something more than a one-time fix of a minor issue. They often needed assistance in their marketing, help with a specific revenue generation method, or direction for their business in general. A lot of these people looked up to me based on my position at the time and my proven track record in growing my previous business. Some of them just didn't know where else to turn.

I realized that the thing I enjoy the most in life is working with entrepreneurs to help them grow and improve.

As of writing this, I'm only one day removed from spending half a day helping another local businessman with his business. Yeah, I did help him fix some things on his website and we discussed some potential marketing verticals he could focus on - that was all part of the fun. I was able to help him find a new perspective and, more importantly, I connected with him as another entrepreneur that has many of the same joys and struggles that he encounters.

My "Why" in a nutshell? I love to help others. It's what drives me every day. If I can support my family and my team at the same time it becomes only that much more perfect.

If you don't know your "Why" or you aren't working within it, I encourage you to reach out: