The Single, Most Effective Marketing Venue Is...

Ok, it's really not a big secret and I'm spilling the beans on nothing new (except maybe my shirt - I should know by now not to write emails while eating dinner.)

"Hey Dan, I know. It's social media marketing, right?"

Unfortunately for most modern marketers, social media marketing is still not the incredible solution everyone thinks it is. It's valuable for sure, but it doesn't hold a candle to...

Email Marketing!

Did you know that better than 98% of the over 70 trillion emails sent each year are delivered to a real person? With social media marketing, you're lucky if 10% of your followers even get to see content you post. Couple that with the average business reporting a 25% better response rate to email marketing than to direct mail and you have an amazing opportunity to reach your target using an "antiquated" form of online marketing.

Ok, enough with all the numbers. Here's the bottom line...

Email Marketing Is Not Dead™
(seriously, I want to trademark that sentence as I say it almost every week)

If you can spend a fraction of the cost of just about any other marketing venue but receive a 25% or better return, wouldn't you jump at it?

Let me help you jumpstart your email marketing.

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