This post is a tough one for me. I'm an introvert by nature and a geek. It wasn't long ago that I would be much happier holed up in a room at home working on a project on my laptop rather than writing emails to share with all of you, hanging out with people, or meeting with clients. Those things were like pulling my fingernails out - ouch!

Whether you're naturally introverted like me or extroverted like many business owners I know, no doubt that you've had some bout with loneliness - even in the midst of many people. The good news? You can overcome it with a bit of time and intentionality.

1. Join a local community such as the chamber of commerce or other business groups. These will go a long way in giving you new relationships with other people in the same walk of life as you are. The bonus? It helps you further build your business network as well.

2. Join an online community. I recently joined and I highly recommend them to most business owners. Not only do they offer great community, but they also have a ton of video courses that cover a lot of the various aspects of business. This will help with your continuing business education and make you a much smarter entrepreneur.

3. Build meaningful friendships that aren't work-related. This was (and still is) a tough one for me but it's ultra-important. I have one buddy that gets together with me once or twice a month. We sit on the porch and have a drink (usually spiced rum or some other delicious adult beverage). We talk about our lives and our kids. It's a great distraction from the constant stresses of running a successful business. This is only one example but a few friendships like this will go a long way.

These three tips will help to fight the blues away while also providing you with an invaluable network for future business relationships. I'm interested in how you fight loneliness. I'd love it if you sent me an email to tell me your solutions. Of course, I'm always available if you want to chat about anything else as well.