Just to set this straight... an Octopus with one arm is not an eel... It's probably dead. Just like a business that focuses on one method of bringing in new business is probably dead or dying.

Do you get the comparison now? I'm not just writing another blog post to tell you about why certain sea creatures have more appendages than others. I'm wanting you to understand a very important point. If you are only pursuing one path with your marketing - your marketing is, more than likely, dead. If your marketing is dead, your business is probably not far behind.

Of course, I'd be overjoyed if you wanted Wapiti to help, but that isn't the reason for this post. Whether you hire us, another agency, have an in-house team, or are an amazing Superman (or Wonder Woman) of a business owner - you must line up multiple marketing efforts if you want each dollar to count.

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either (pun intended). Take, for instance, email marketing, social media marketing, and a modest advertising budget of $300/mo. For less than buying a coffee each workday, you can fund a small but sustainable growth campaign for your business from your desk. Now this is small and for a bit more investment you can really push for growth - but the point is, it's not hard.

Waiting on referral traffic to come in or that latest mailer you sent out to be effective is, ultimately, waiting on your business to fall to the ocean floor just like a one-armed octopus.

Need help adding a few arms to your octopus? I'm here for you.